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Rust Effect from a Spray Can

Rust Effect Epoxy Tutorial

Rust Effect Spray Cans

Straight out of a spray can, Matt at Worktop Resin creates an industrial-style rusty-metal effect surface. This DIY board is food safe, wipe clean and durable with the addition of Countertop Epoxy and Ultimate Top Coat. In this step-by-step tutorial, we showcase the products used in creating this effect so you can follow at home. It’s easier than you think!

Products used within this Tutorial

Silver Metallic Pigment Powder
Rust Effect Brown Spray
Rust Effect Orange Brown Spray
Worktop Resin Isopropyl Alcohol IPA 99

Step-by-Step Rust Effect Tutorial

We begin by applying a light spray of Rust Orange Brown Spray to our board, already primed with Epoxy Undercoat Black.

Ensuring to not completely cover the black surface, we disperse Rust Brown Spray to offer a more organic appearance.

The use of both sprays gives a different level of rust and oxidisation. Have some fun with this, there is no right or wrong.

Layering further we add depth to the rust-effect, until happy with the desired outcome.

Deciding to personalise this board with the Worktop Resin logo, we make a quick stencil from paper.
We test the visual appearance of our stencil by using a lighter colour first. We used Rustoleum Copper.
Matt goes over this again using Gloss Black Spray to suggest compliment the Undercoat Black.
Mixing some Silver Pigment in with Stone Coat Epoxy, we let this almost set before stippling across the edges, adding ‘points of interest’ to create a damaged metal effect. Make use of Stipple Sponges and Mixing Sticks to apply to the surface.
Once everything is dry, pour your Stone Coat Epoxy to seal the project.
Using a notched spreader, work horizontal and vertical to give an even coverage.
Chop the surface with a brush to removal any trowel marks from the surface of the board.

Spritz with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) to break the surface tension and remove any air bubbles. Add Ultimate Top Coat Natural to give a matte-finish. Brush a fine layer with a roller.

Leave to set, and if necessary brush with a dry roller to remove any excess Top Coat. It really only requires a thin layer.
Relish in your finished project which combines a rusty metal appearance, with the food-safe coating of the Stone Coat Epoxy.

Watch The Full Video on YouTube

Leave to set for up to 24 hours. Here is the final result of our industrial, rusty-metal epoxy resin surface!

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